Welcome to the Tsebo IT Self Service Portal

Self Service Password Change


The customer knows their password but wants to change it to something new.

Tsebo password policy applies: -


  Password Must Meet Complexity Requirements - Cannot contain all or part of the username. Must be at least 6

characters long, contain 3 of the 4 following character groups - A to Z - a to z - 0 to 9 - Special Characters i.e.! ^ $


  Maximum Password Age - 45 days


  Minimum Password Length - 8 characters








Tsebo Quick Support



A secure and easy method for Tsebo IT support staff to provide you with remote support

Self Service Password Reset


The customer is unable to sign in and wants to reset their password by using one

or more of the following validated authentication methods.


  Send a text message to a validated mobile phone.


  Make a phone call to a validated mobile or office phone.


  Send an email to a validated secondary email account.


  Answer security questions.







Tsebo IT Policies and Procedures


All Tsebo IT Policies including new user forms. Sign in required.








Tsebo IT Support SLA and Escalation Matrix


The service level agreement (SLA) between Tsebo IT and Tsebo Solutions Group including the escalation contacts.

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Tsebo Online Mail and Office Application Services


Quick online access to your email, One drive and other subscribed Microsoft products.